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Want to FIT something in with your current routine? Looking to lose weight? Improve Cardio, Balance, Speed or Agility? Looking for a way to maintain your fitness?


If you have answered YES to anything above then EASTSIDERS FIT is for you!!

Offering sessions to Children, Youth and Adults.


Our Trainers will come to you or meet at a specified location anywhere in the GTA




Individual sessions 

$60 per hour

For More Information Contact: or Call 647-671-5157


After just one week of adding EastsidersFIT                       I started EastsidersFIT about 2 and a half weeks ago                             

in to my daily routine I lost 7 pounds.                                 and I have noticed a HUGE difference in my Cardio level

The first few session were hard on my                                I thought I was fit since I could do my normal workout with no

body but now I just can't get enough.                                  problem, after the first session with Martin I knew I had to

                                      - Sebrina                                             make some additional changes.


As a mother of a 15 year old boy that has

been bullied about his weight, I came

across the EastsidersFIT , as I was willing

to try anything. I signed up for 2 hours to start.

My son's first session was October 20th, it's now 

January 20th and I am proud to say my son has

lost 30 pounds, my previously quiet and shy boy

now has friends over (including girls) and goes

out quite often. Thank you from the bottom of

my heart Martin.


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